Back in the Old West, this route was known as the Cimarron Cutoff or Route of the historic Santa Fe Trail through Kiowa territory. Here can be found a prime example of the glorious possibilities of a route off the beaten interstate track. Roads that would be designated in this region would make ideal segments of the Green Interstate. Take Route 56 through northeastern New Mexico and parts of Grasslands National Monument. Note that along its route are countless other intersecting "Country Roads" that could be utilized. Notice that at the western end of Route 56 it turns into Old U.S. 85 that runs alongside new U.S. 85. Also connecting to Route 56 is 21 and 199 that take you through the southern Rockies.

Call me a dreamer, but I hope I'm not the only one who zooms in from the starting point in the nice town of Springer, New Mexico and scrolls to and fro along these routes with a Green Interstate at heart and in mind. We look forward to adding your vision to "myroutes." Just email your idea to the Editor of

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