No place is better to ponder the nexus of the Green Interstate than St. Louis, the jumping off point to the west for generations of seekers and visionaries. Take a zoom in on the State and Country Highways and Roads leading west (and east) from St. Louis, from an arbitrary starting point of Wildwood, Missouri. The Green Interstate won't provide a continuous snaking flow like the existing U.S. Interstate Highway System. The Green Interstate will undoubtedly have plenty of 45-degree left and right turns. There may be some parts that will frighten some. Occasionally travelers will loose their way. It will perhaps initially require a bit of pioneering spirit to take it. However improvements will be constant and the experience ever improving, because people in the communities from which this system will spring forth will have a vested interest in making it so.

Go ahead and have a fun time using the map below to scroll around and look for routes the seem like they might be appropriate for the Green Interstate. Would following the Missouri using either route 94 or 100 be the appropriate path? What do you think would offer the best Green Interstate possibilities? We're offering you a Google map below, but you could obviously use Yahoo or Microsoft maps, or any map of your choosing to propose your own ideas. Feel free to email your idea to the Editor of With your permission we'll post it on "Possible Routes" as another starting point for Green Interstate segment discussions.

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