Now is the Time

As you consider the green interstate concept, recognize that these routes exist presently and support their local economies. These roads less (or rarely) traveled by interstate voyagers, all are used as primary conduits of local farm equipment, and of young men and women in buses heading to or from school.

As such, our home page call for implementation along every green interstate segment of robust Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) technology for V2V, or Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication, is fundamentally important to this concept. The time for it to begin being implemented, is now.

Also critical to a GIN being implementated, will be electric vehicle chargers that are reasonably priced that locales along green interstate segments can install. We listened in recently on a session about this subject matter, held in the OC, at a University of California Irvine Applied Innovation Center event, where the Vice President of MOEV ("move") Inc., Michael Boehm, discussed the firm's charger and cloud software algorithms that allow four EVs to charge at a single charging box with four cables, using only one electric circuit, and all get fully charged!