Sharing the Green Interstate by Dean Adams Curtis

The Green Interstate will be a route across the United States (and hopefully Canada, as well as Mexico) for LSVs (Low Speed Vehicles), NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) and MSEVs (Medium Speed Electric Vehicles), as well as countless vehicles constructed from our greatest national assets, entrepreneurial imaginations. In addition to being home to all kinds of experimental vehicles just out of university labs and inventor garages across the nation, we propose sharing the Green Interstate with bicycles, as well as with Segways.

A North American Green Interstate Highway System can be created immediately by towns and cities passing resolutions that they are ready to take responsibility for, and enjoy the benefits of, hosting a segment of the Green Interstate. It will be about sharing. Farm vehicles will still need to use roads that are selected. Transportation of goods and services for local commerce will still need access and passage. Residents and travelers who aren't yet getting around in green vehicles obviously can't be forced to find other routes. However drivers guiding vehicles in each of the categories just noted can operate at slower speed and with greater caution and courtesy on roads (zones or corridors) designated as green interstate segments.

Request a resolution or brainstorm a bit by emailing a volunteer project manager at

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See green cars currently rated okay to roll on the interstates by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).